the best towel and rugs

Creating the “BEST” towels and rugs begins with the selection of the cotton.
Abyss and Habidecor uses Egyptian cotton, cultivated in the region of Giza.
It is known that this particular cotton produces the finest yarns for textiles; soft, strong, durable and absorbent.
Only a limited percentage of the entire cotton production in Egypt is Extra Long Staple (ELS).
The length of the fiber is directly proportional to its resilience and quality.

The cotton yarn made from this exceptional Extra Long Staple and Long Staple cotton will show exceptional strength, quality and softness. The resulting in textiles are durable, easy to care for and soft to touch.

Abyss is an exclusive towel company

Egyptian Cotton Giza - ELS (Extra Long Staple) is used to produce Abyss towels and bathrobes. It is considered the best cotton in the World. Cultivated on the banks of the Nile, the cotton is picked by hand, then twisted and treated to create a yarn of exceptional quality. Creating Abyss towels and bathrobes which are soft, durable and absorbent.

Habidecor is an exclusive rug company

Egyptian Cotton Giza - LS (Long Staple) is used for the production of Habidecor bath rugs. Known for its length, fineness, and exceptional quality. During production, the yarn is combed and passes through the operation spinner that removes short fibers, selecting only the best to create Habidecor rugs , making them elegant and durable. A&H set the tone.

a world
of colours

Beautiful colors inspired by voyages and observations of nature
are the result of a collaboration between science and art.

science and art

Choose from our cornucopia of fantastic hues that reflect the blue and gray of the ocean that surround us. The warm tones inspired by spices, sunsets, and layers of richly colored stones.

Our towels and rugs are dyed by masters with a vast experience using the most excellent dyes. Resulting in beautiful colors that survive the test of time.

Besides this excellency in dying, our collection for yachts, swimming pools and seaside holidays are chlorine and UV resistant. All Abyss towels and Habidecor rugs are pre-washed, pre-shrunk, and guaranteed to hold up wash after wash.


a spirit of harmony

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